Nino Farina

Nino Farina
F1 Driver Profile

World Championships 1
Grand Prix Entries 34
Grand Prix Wins 5
Pole Positions 5
Nationality Italian

Nino Farina Formula 1 Teams

Nino Farina won championship with Ferrari. But also raced for Alfa Romeo.

Nino Farina

Nino Farina Nino Farina was born October 30, 1906 in Turin, Italy.

Nino Farina The first ever Formula One World Champion came from a privileged background and had a stylish driving technique that was adopted by many drivers. A hard and determined racer, Farina relied on a combination of profound self belief and raw courage to compensate for the superior skills possessed by many of his more naturally talented opponents. Yet he also drove recklessly and few Formula One drivers ever competed with such apparent disregard for their personal safety. Somehow surviving an accident-strewn racing career, he was eventually killed in a road accident.

Formula 1 Champion Nino Farina: 1950

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Nino Farina
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Nino Farina

Nino Farina Formula 1 Racing Wins

Year - Grand Prix
1953 German Grand Prix
1951 Belgian Grand Prix
1950 Italian Grand Prix
1950 Swiss Grand Prix
1950 British Grand Prix

Nino Farina Formula 1 Champion